2022-2023 New Member Application Form

Personal Information

Education and Employment Information


New Members

New Members must participate in the 9-month New Member Program run by the New Member Committee and fulfill the following requirements no later than April 30 to become Active Members for the following fiscal year.

1. Membership Dues:

a. New Member Year Dues: $150 due by the date established annually by the New Member Committee and Treasurer.

b. Active Dues: $150 due by April 1 for the following fiscal year. Dues are considered delinquent on April 2.

2. Financial support of at least $100:

a. The financial support may be achieved through one or more of the following to meet or succeed $100:

i. Donation to the annual campaign or secure a sponsorship.

ii. Purchase or sell tickets to a JLA event or raffle.

iii. Buy an auction item at a JLA event.

iv. Solicit or donate an in-kind gift that offsets planned JLA expenses or supports a JLA fundraising event (including donating/procuring an auction item or raffle item).

v. Purchase or sell copies of the JLA cookbook, Simply Simpatico, or other Junior League cookbooks offers for sale by the JLA.

3. Participation:

a. New Member Committee Placement:

i. New Member Orientation (typically the 1st weekend in August).

ii. At least six (6) New Member Committee meetings.

iii. Help plan and execute the New Member Project(s)

b. At least three (3) In League Service Opportunities; these opportunities are planned by the other committees of the JLA.

c. At least five (5) General Membership Meetings; this includes business meetings but does not include “party” meetings.

A new member may request an appropriate substitute requirement for participation requirements. These requests will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Membership Development Council. Substitute requirements should meet the intent of the original requirement. (example: attendance and a board meeting or management team meeting can help a new member learn how the JLA is run).



Applicant's Statement of Commitment

By checking the box below, I understand that the Junior League of Albuquerque (JLA) requires New Members to attend the New Member Orientation and meetings as scheduled, fulfill the volunteer requirements, and meet all financial obligations (see Requirements above). After reviewing and considering the information provided, I feel that I understand the requirements of the New Member Program and the time and resource commitments of Active Membership. Upon completion of my New Member year I intend to become an Active Member of the Junior League of Albuquerque.